Why U.MI Pure Mineral Makeup?

10 Great Reasons Why You Should Choose U.MI 100% Pure Mineral Makeup:



1. It is very safe for all skin type.

2. Does not contains of harmful chemical preservatives.

3. Does not contains synthetic fragrances and synthetic coloring.

4. Does not contains of heavy metal ingredients and mineral oils.

5. 100% pure original natural from the Mother Nature.

6. It is water resistant which give you the advantage of a long lasting wear with no touch up required.

7. Contains of Titanium Dioxide which give the best coverage from UVA to UVB that enhance the quality of sun protection with SPF-15.

8. Engages in high technology of grinding and refining the mineral originally from Mother Nature to powder form. As a result its give great coverage for big ore size, acne, scaring and especially good for after post procedures like lasers, chemical peeling and other facial treatments.

9. Provides natural makeover look and simple way to apply.

10. Many color shades cater for different skin tone. The powder foundation is flexible to use in wet or dry form.






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